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Elizabeth Aston - Mountjoy - Children of Chance

Children of Chance

Groom, best man, guests, even a bishop—but where is the bride?

Convent-educated Prue Pagan arrives innocent and unsuspecting to take up a job at historic Mountjoy Castle, where generations of the Mountjoy family have loved, lusted and scandalised their neighbours.

Innocence is no protection against the wickedness of the English upper classes, especially when a long hot summer inflames friendships and enmities and brings romance and danger to Prue and her best friend Cleo, who works at nearby Midwinter Hall, home to famous cellist Sylvester Tate and his witchy housekeeper.

Will Prue listen to her heart, or will she succumb to the temptations lurking on every side?

Music, magic, mischief and mayhem entangled with more than a hint of midsummer madness make for an enchanting, witty and romantic read.

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New from Elizabeth Aston

Mr Darcy's House Party

A Darcy novella 

Mr-Darcy's-House-PartyLove lost and found…a Pemberley maze of misunderstanding and mischief.

A host of Jane Austen characters from Pride and Prejudice return in this sparkling romantic comedy.

Mr Darcy’s cousin, Lady Sarah Fitzwilliam, is not a peaceful person. Lively and headstrong, she’s a thorn in the flesh of her stepmother, who intends to see her safely married and out of trouble–ideally to the eligible Lord Winterbourne.

Mr Darcy, returning to Pemberley from his travels, is looking forward to a tranquil weekend at home with Elizabeth and her sister Jane, and some pleasant shooting with Charles Bingley. But when Lady Sarah turns up on his doorstep to hide from Lord Winterbourne, his plans are disrupted and Pemberley soon fills up with a host of visitors, both welcome–Captain Octavius Hyde, a gallant naval officer–and unwelcome–imperious Lady Catherine de Bourgh and the tiresome Mr Collins.

Lost in a labyrinth of her own making, and with Lady Catherine doing her best to force her into marriage, can Lady Sarah meet her match, help Lord Winterbourne to his happiness–and rid Pemberley of its unwanted guests?

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King Richard’s Bones

A new novella

king-richards-bonesA brief but true account of how the late King Richard III returned to his earthly realm in ghostly form to reclaim his bones for proper burial.

“Here we go again,” said the Controller. “Of all our charges, you have to let Richard III escape. Again. Every time he goes back to Earth he causes trouble and with the recent news, the Directorate of Unruly Spirits should have been on high alert.”

“There was no reason at all to think that he would break out like this.”

“On the contrary, there was every reason to think so. The moment his bones were dug up, you should have known there was going to be trouble.”

“I explained the situation with regard to his bones to him, in a perfectly reasonable way.”

“Clearly not.”

“He isn’t an easy subject to deal with.”

“He’s not a subject, he’s an anointed king.”

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Valentine's Day

A witty, charming and sparkling romance set in Regency England.


The year is 1800, and Valentine Welburn, an heiress with a mind of her own, arrives from India to stay with her sardonic godfather, Lord Mountjoy, and enjoy her first London season.

Two men come into her life: the rich and amused Lord Marbeck and dashing Sir Richard Brindle, who is keen to rekindle the amorous feelings they shared in Calcutta.

As she is launched into the glittering, dangerous world of London high society, where love and betrayal are never far apart and gossip, intrigue and scandal are the order of the day, Valentine finds just how dangerous love can be.

Will she be ruined–or can she find the love of her heart?

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Mr. Darcy's Christmas

Set in the wonderful world of Jane Austen, this sparkling and witty Regency romantic comedy takes us to Pemberley for an enchanting Christmas novella of intrigue and love.

Mr-Darcy's-Christmas-Cover-newGeorgiana Darcy, haunted by her near-elopement with Mr Wickham, plays safe when she accepts a proposal of marriage from handsome, rich and well-born Mr Moresby. Her brother, Mr Darcy, finds him prosy and Elizabeth has her doubts about him: is this really going to be a happy marriage?

The Darcy family gather at Pemberley to celebrate Christmas and enjoy the delights of the season, culminating in a ball to celebrate Georgiana’s engagement. But a serpent lurks amid the greenery and Yule candles, as envious Caroline Bingley sets out to ruin her dear friend, Georgiana.

Can the attractive and sympathetic Sir Giles Hawkins rekindle Georgiana’s true Darcy spirit? Will she fight to save her reputation?

And will she at last listen to what her heart is telling her about love and happiness?

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Elizabeth Aston

Author-picElizabeth Aston’s novels have sold over half a million copies in English and other languages. Witty and quirky, they leave you laughing and uplifted.

Have you ever wanted to be spirited into the past, to live in a castle or Pemberley, to dance the night away at a Regency ball or stay in a haunted historic house?

Then welcome to the worlds of Mr. Darcy’s family, and the Mountjoys of Mountjoy Castle.

‘Wickedly amusing…Like good wine, very addictive. Strongly recommended.’

Elizabeth Aston lives in Oxford, where she’s just finished an entertaining, satirical story about the ghost of King Richard III, King Richard’s Bones (she’s a true Ricardian) and is now working on an epistolary novel, My Dearest Henry–the lost voice of Pride & Prejudice.

Elizabeth Aston also writes as Elizabeth Edmondson.


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